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    Allison was great. She explained how hypnosis works. She told me why she was doing what she was doing and she cleared the obstacles I had to reaching two major goals. It's been about 4 years since my first visit. My health is better and my weight has stayed down.

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    I meditate a lot, but with hypnosis, I was able to reach my best experience of meditation without any effort on my part. I really enjoyed the experience Allison provided for me. ND

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    I was having trouble going to sleep at night. Allison helped me to be able to relax and fall asleep through her audio recording and a little instruction. Her technique is very soothing and works! Now, I look forward to settling into bed knowing that I have a tool I can rely on to help me fall asleep.

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    I was very skeptical about hypnosis, but I thought I would give it a try. I'd been smoking since I was 16 and really wanted to quit. Allison helped me quit for good. It's been over 3 years now. Hypnosis wasn't anything like I thought it would be. Before the hypnosis, she taught me some things about smoking I didn't know. I thought it was going to be weird, but I was surprised that it was mostly relaxing. I've used the tools she gave me to get my CDL too. R.E.

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    Allison Grace at Be Well Hypnosis was amazing. It had been many years since I had experienced hypnosis, so this was like it was my very first time. She took her time to explain things to me. It was a great experience, I went away very relaxed and with some new tools to deal with some of my challenges. She also has great follow up, checking in with you and sending reminders and audios to help you along. Thanks Allison!

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    I am writing on behalf of my mother who is a current client of Allison’s. Allison is working with my mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and has since struggled with depression/anxiety. Allison has been able to work with my mother remotely via phone to achieve excellent results since Mom feels most comfortable in her home environment. My mother has felt calmed and “at peace with the world” as a result of Allison’s professional and expert intervention techniques. Please do not be skeptical of this treatment-it really works and my whole family is now reaping the results.” MM B.

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    “Hi, we live in Flint, Michigan. My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Not surprisingly, she was distressed and very anxious. We went looking for a non-drug, anti-anxiety therapy, and a friend suggested hypnotherapy. She also suggested Allison Grace…who lives in Shoreline, Washington. Who knew that hypnotherapists can treat clients via telephone or Skype? Now we know. Allison hypnotized my mother, who is 84 right over the phone. Not only did she treat her anxiety by making her feel ” totally at peace” and “in harmony with the world” (never heard my mom say that before!), she also treated other symptoms such as leg pain. After the session, the pain would be gone. Ms. Grace can tailor her therapy to whatever the situation or symptom. Thank you, Allison!” – Betty M.

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    “At first I was skeptical if the treatment would work, but it did. I enjoyed it greatly. Not only did it work, I also received great service with a smile. In short, I would recommend this to anyone thinking about it.” – R.O

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    I experienced relief from a fear that had afflicted me for years.

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    “Warm and Helpful!

    Allison is a warm and helpful person. She is also very professional.
    It was wonderful to meet with her at the workshop.” Ana P.

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    “I meditate a lot, but with hypnosis, I was able to reach my best experience of meditation without any effort on my part. I really enjoyed the experience Allison provided for me.” – ND

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    “Allison was great!

    She took the time to explain how hypnosis worked and how it might feel. It had been many years since I had been hypnotized, so this was very much appreciated and set my mind at ease. The session itself was very relaxing. Afterward Allison followed up with me by phone to see how the things we talked about were going, she sent reminders by mail, and best of all she sent a self-hypnosis audio for me to listen to which deals with the challenge I am working on. She is very kind and patient and I would recommend Be Well Hypnosis to anyone.” – Sharon H.

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    “I had a major back surgery. When I came home, I had developed an infection and had problems with the medication I was taking. I was shaking and freezing cold. I was truly miserable and had tried everything. Allison came to my home for a session and talked me through until I was asleep and then she quietly left. She endured my 100 degree room in the middle of the summer. Allison is a sweetheart, a wonderful person. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” – Stacey M.

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    “I don’t know what you said, but it’s three days in a row he is sleeping through the night.” – M.S.

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    I look forward to working with you!
    Allison Grace, M.A., CHt.

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    “Allison’s hypnotherapy work was a significant piece to the healing puzzle of an issue that stemmed from 15 years ago.” – T.W.

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